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Master’s Program “Music Technology and Contemporary Practices”


Nick Poulakis, PhD

Nick Poulakis studied music theory, accordion performance, composition, and musicology and holds a PhD in ethnomusicology and film anthropology from the Department of Music Studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, where he serves as a member of the Ethnomusicology and Cultural Anthropology Laboratory. He teaches film music, ethnographic cinema, and applied ethnomusicology as well as a number of e-learning courses on Greek music culture and education. He is also an adjunct instructor on modern Greek theatre, cinema, music, and dance at the Hellenic Open University (BA Program “Studies in Greek Civilization”). He taught ethnomusicology, music informatics and multimedia, film music, and ethnographic film in the Department of Folk and Popular Music at the Technological University of Epirus and has been involved in more than 20 research projects related to ethnomusicological films, video life-stories of migrants, musical museums, computational ethnomusicology, and western art music. He is the author of several articles, book chapters, and encyclopedia entries on the anthropology of film and television music, (ethno)musicology and cinema, audiovisual media literacy. His compositions have been successfully performed in Greece and abroad. He is a scientific collaborator of the Greek musicological journal “Polyphony” and a member of the International Music and Media Research Group. His book “Musicology and Cinema: Critical Approaches to the Music of Modern Greek Films” has been published by editions Orpheus.

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Yannis Malafis is a member of the Laboratory - Teaching Staff of the Department of Music Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He is a graduate of Aberdeen University (NCE Scotland, Bed Mus Hons), SAE (Diploma in Audio Engineering) and holds degrees in Harmony, Guitar, Counterpoint, Fugue and Diploma in Composition. He has been teaching theory, classical and electric guitar, music technology and sound engineering for 25 years in Secondary Education in Music Schools, Sound Engineering at the SAE Creative Media Institute (Athens) and has also taught at the Department of Music Studies of the University of Athens as PD407 for many years, teaching courses related to Sound Engineering and Acoustics, such as Microphones-Microphones-Speakers, Introduction to Sound Engineering, Studio Sound Engineering, Acoustic Design of Computer Aided Enclosures, Music for Media. He also teaches Sound Engineering in the Department's Graduate Program. He has organized and conducted numerous seminars for the training of music teachers in secondary schools in Music Technology and Sound Engineering. He has served as a member of the Artistic Committee of the Ministry of Education, and is a PhD candidate of the Department of Music Studies of the University of Athens and is a Steinberg Certified Trainer for Greece.

He has a rich artistic activity as a musician, with numerous concerts and is an active member of a musical ensemble as a guitarist. As a recording artist and producer, he has made numerous recordings of classical, traditional, Byzantine and ethnic music, as well as numerous concerts at the Megaron, Kallimarmaro, Herodeion and many other concert venues.